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Better with Bikes
We overcame tremendous challenges this year thanks to the help of the bicycle. It got us where we needed to go, it gave a vital boost to our mental and physical health, it brought us closer to our families and it was a tool for relaxation and escape when we needed it most. We know the bike didn’t solve all of 2020’s problems, but it certainly made some of them a little better.
At a time when public transit wasn’t an option, the bike got you where you needed to go. Essential workers went by bike to get to and from their crucial jobs safely, and with less cars on the road, many more riders felt comfortable and safe biking on the street to pick up groceries, medicine and making other important trips.
With increased time indoors, riding your bike was an easy outlet to get outside, take a breath of fresh air and take in the sights, sounds and smells of spring and summertime in full bloom. Through unpredictable times, your bike kept a smile on your face and provided a positive outlet in the face of adversity.
When gyms closed down and social distancing orders canceled group sports, your bike allowed you to form and keep up healthy (and fun) habits without skipping a beat. Whether it was your first time on a bike or you just increased your time on two wheels, bicycling allowed you to be active and healthy while still staying safe.
While many sat wondering what they could possibly do for fun when the whole world was shut down, you got on your bike. You explored your community, found a favorite new trail to ride and, realized the bike’s potential by discovering a world of adventure
right out your front door.
We learned a lot about the importance of family this year. With everyone stuck under one roof, bike rides provided a productive activity the whole family could enjoy. Maybe you even taught a friend or loved one how to ride a bike for the very first time, spreading the joy of bicycling to the next generation of riders.
How Biking with Ride Spot Helped
Riders Just Like You
Hear from some of our Ride Spot ambassadors about how
bikes made their lives better this year.
Pedal to
the Polls
Longmont, CO
1 mile
Moffat, CO
15 miles
Tempe, AZ
49 miles
Blue Mounds, WI
35 miles
Jacksonville’s Riverwalk
Jacksonville, FL
5 miles
The Power of Your Support
Thanks to donations from bike riders like you, our work to make biking better for
everyone only grows stronger. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the things we
were able to accomplish in 2020 thanks to your support:
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Think back to your happiest moment on a bike this year. Riding with your family,
exploring a new trail or just getting a much-needed breath of fresh air — remember
that feeling. No matter what reason you had for getting on your bike this year, your support
helps us keep riders like you, and millions of others, on your bikes finding joy,
freedom and confidence on two wheels.
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