Your Support Changes the World One Ride at a Time.

By donating to PeopleForBikes, you help spread the joy of bicycling and make biking better for everyone, no matter where, how or why they ride.

The Power of Your Support.

Thanks to donations and support from riders just like you, over the last year, countless Americans discovered bicycling, rode more often and realized how the simple act of riding a bike can make the world a better place.

Local Innovation

Our City Ratings program expanded to include ratings for more than 750 cities worldwide, our first year going global. Our Advocacy Academy video series featured valuable lessons and actionable insights for any elected leaders, decision-makers and advocates looking to improve bicycling in their communities.

Community Grants

Locally, our Community Grants program funded more than $100,000 for different bike projects, increasing accessibility and introducing bicycling to dozens of communities across the U.S.

Policy Work

Our federal policy work focused on increasing the affordability and accessibility of bicycling nationwide. Thanks to your support, the E-BIKE Act and the Bicycle Commuter Act were introduced to Congress and are gaining steam to be included as a part of the Build Back Better Act. 

The E-BIKE Act would offer consumers a 30% tax credit on the purchase of a new electric bicycle and the Bicycle Commuter Act would put nearly $1,000/year back in the pockets of Americans who choose to bike to work.

Ride Spot Challenges
+ Campaigns

Our Ride More campaign inspired and rewarded riders just for getting out on their bikes through Ride Spot Challenges. In just five months, riders who participated in Challenges pedaled more than 660,000 miles.

Our One Ride at a Time campaign highlighted the important role bicycling plays in combating climate change and how making small changes like swapping car trips for bike rides can make a huge difference.

Small Actions Can Make a Big Difference.

So much of our work is directly powered by donations from our supporters, and every donation counts. Just like how choosing to bike for short trips helps fight climate change, any donation, no matter the size, helps continue our work making biking better for everyone.